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Песня ''Школьный вальс'' на английском языке

School Dancing.
1.When you and I together leave the school ,
With the exciting sounds of school dancing.
Our teacher accompanies us and then
He goes to school , to school he goes again.
To meet, to teach and then to say good-bye.
When you and I together leave the school.

2.Go along the quite and dear school floors,
Where we lived and studied all together
Where your voice was shy and very pleased
And I` ll remember all this for ever.

3.The door of school is always opened before us.
And it`s no need to leave it in a hurry,
But how to forget the pretty girl at once,
And the bell which rings so merrily in our class.
Самогова Алла Кимовна21.05.2012 82290 Стихи о школе
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